Integrating Manipur and Anahat Chakra

Integrating Manipur and Anahat Chakra

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This course was delivered live for our Ashram Sangha members in June 2022. It focuses on the third and fourth of the spinal energy centres, offering a variety of yogic practices, including asana, pranayama and meditation, to bring balance to the two seemingly opposing forces.

Manipura chakra is our personal centre of energy, direction, self-empowerment and self-image. A balanced manipura allows us to have our feet on the ground and meet life's challenges with a clear purpose and resolve. 

When overly activated, it can lead to excess pushing, striving, and over-competitiveness. This can have a negative effect on our adrenals, digestion, respiration and other systems in the body. An underactive manipura shows up as a lack of purpose, self-doubt, difficulty making decisions, lethargy and depression.

Anahat is the heart centre, the seat love, care, kindness, compassion, generosity, gratitude, surrender, devotion, connection, kinship and forgiveness. In balance, it allows us to have healthy, supportive relationships, but out of balance we may feel jealous, lonely, defensive, afraid of intimacy, or have difficulty trusting others.  

A balanced manipura acts as a supportive platform for Anahata, allowing the heart to be open but strong, expansive but grounded. Working in synergy, the two allow us to care for ourselves and others in a way that is nourishing and supportive for all. 

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"I felt like a different person the day after this workshop. Been really struggling with energy and motivation recently. Seems it a gave a boost to my Manipura chakra!"