Welcoming the Wild Dance of Emotions

Welcoming the Wild Dance of Emotions

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This workshop was given to our online Sangha members in May 2023 and was led by Swami Krishnapremananda. 

You will explore ways in which you can gain the confidence and capacity to welcome all of your emotions into Awareness, including anger, grief, sadness, and shame. They all have their message, and it is only by opening to them that their energy can be freed and released. In doing so, we step more fully into our open-hearted humanity, and bring more of our story into the healing Light of Awareness.

We are often conditioned to distrust, deny, or suppress these emotions. We might welcome positive emotional expressions such as joy and happiness, yet we’re often not so open to more challenging emotions which, as a result, stay primarily in the shadows. A key part of ourselves becomes energetically suppressed.

Various practices  are offered in this workshop such as asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation to free that part of ourselves that has been shut down and open ourselves up to the insights these emotions can hold.